3D rameno th_laser-01 tracker  



3D devices – Arms – Scanners – Tracker – Hardware – Software

Sales and technical representation:

  • coordinate measuring devices both manual and CNC
  • laser scanners, trackers
  • interferometry
  • autocollimators
  • measuring arms
  • handheld scanners
  • optical measuring devices
  • equipment for high-volume metrology and software


Modernization and renovation of all types of:

  • manual coordinate measuring devices
  • CNC measuring devices
  • measuring microscopes, profile and rangefinders
  • mechanics of coordinate measuring devices


Sale of remanufactured measurement technology:

  • 3D devices
  • microscopes
  • rangefinders


Calibration of measurement devices

Operator training

Custom measurements on customers site using:

  • CNC device – Touch probe or Laser Scanner
  • laser tracker API



  • software
  • measurement part-programs